Civil Engineering

Future Scope: Civil Engineering is an evergreen field and is one of the oldest streams. As long as human exist the demand for building, road, houses, transportation, sewerage, canals, bridges and dam are going to be there. Therefore we can say that Civil Engineers will never be jobless in the future. Scope of the Civil Engineering is the given below mentioned areas:-

1. Infrastructure (constructing dam, bridge, metros etc.)

2. Industrial Structure

3. Exposing latest techniques (contracting techniques, innovation is framework design, automated tools etc.)

4. Civil Engineers work as Planning Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Chief Engineer, Junior Engineer, Site Engineer, Quantity Surveyor etc.

5. According to the latest report, there is a bright future for Civil Engineer in India as well as across the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of the course the students will have the knowledge of construction
    equipments practice and technique to be used in construction site or field.
  • Plan, design, construction and maintain civil engineering structures and buildings.
  • Understand the all duties and responsibility Civil Engineer.
  • Ensure quality of materials and workmanship as per specification.
  • Optimum use of available resource as a Civil Engineer.
  • To gain basic knowledge about Civil Engineer.
  • Understand the all type of drawings which is used for civil engineering work.
  • Completion of this course the students will have the knowledge of measurement

method, surveying, rate analysis, quantity of item and valuation of properties.

  • To about materials used for construction work.
  • To about the structure designing.
  • To about the design & analysis of structures. Ex. – beams, columns and slab etc.
  • To about the hydraulic machine.
  • To about the ingredient of concrete, mix design concrete and special concrete.
  • To about the machine and equipments used at construction field.
  • To about the test conduct on materials at site.
  • To about construction practice paper used for construction work.

Job opportunities:

1. Building Control Surveyor

2. Site Engineer

3. Structural Engineer

4. Estimator/ Quantity Surveyor

5. Surveyor /Land Surveyor

6. Design Engineer

7. Valuation Engineer

8. Contracting Civil Engineer

9. Translation/ Highway Engineering

10. Map Designing

11. Water Resource Engineer

12. CAD Technician