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Message from the PRINCIPAL

"Today India is an emerging economic power in the world. Since the economic liberalization, industry has seen significant growth and the country has successfully leveraged its engineering skills to build a formidable manufacturing sector. The continued improvement in industrial infrastructure coupled with favourable policies and thrust from the Government are expected to help sustain the growth momentum in manufacturing & implementations. Diploma engineers with practical and skills-oriented training along with supervisory skills have a major role to ensure quality and volume of production in manufacturing sector. "

We have quality infrastructure with fully equipped workshops, labs, library, excellent sports facilities, class rooms and hostels in green and clean surroundings providing a healthy academic environment both for students and faculty. Our well qualified and dedicated faculty is focused on imparting high quality education and mentoring for the students for them to become successful technocrats and worthy citizens of our country. I am looking forward for a purposeful participation and whole hearted co-operation from students and teachers in building this institution stronger.


Dr. Partap Singh


GP Mandkola Palwal